OT & Me

About Our Practice

OT & Me, LLC is a pediatric occupational therapy practice serving Harrisburg, PA and surrounding areas.  We offer home and community based therapy services as well as school contracts.

Occupational therapy that comes to you!

There are so many benefits to home and community based occupational therapy!

  1. Children make the best progress when seen in their natural environment with easy carryover and the comfort of a familiar setting 
  2. It allows children to work on goals in the community.
  3. Busy families need options for convenience. No finding childcare for your other children. No travel time or waiting time to fit in. Decrease the stress of getting everyone out the door. 
  4. We can meet your child at a daycare/preschool, at your home, a local play space, or at the library.

We believe in a whole child approach. 

A whole child approach seeks to understand and celebrate children from many different angles. This allows us to use their strengths to maximize the benefit of occupational therapy. This also allows us to find the underlying problems (or combination of problems) to really make a difference in your child’s everyday life.

This includes addressing components related to

  • Motor
  • Sensory 
  • Social-emotional
  • Processing 
  • Engagement
  • Family support

If your child is struggling with any aspect of participating in their daily lives, we are here to help! Reach out to us to discuss how our services can benefit your family.