OT & Me, LLC is a locally owned pediatric occupational therapy practice serving Harrisburg, PA and the surrounding areas.

We offer consultation, evaluation, treatment, and advocacy services. Services are offered in your home or community based setting.  We also offer school based contracts.

Need Pediatric Occupational Therapy in Harrisburg, PA? 

  • Are you concerned your child is taking more time than other children to develop new skills? 
  • Does your child have difficulty transitioning from one activity to another? 
  • Does your child have difficulty in school because of handwriting or visual processing problems? 
  • Does your child meltdown because of loud noises, clothing or situations with lots of people? 
  • Are you looking for parenting resources to help you provide care to your special needs child? 
  • Do you want ideas on how to encourage play, fine motor skills and gross motor skills? 

Ready to learn more about pediatric OT? Get the conversation started. Contact OT & Me to learn more about how we can help your family.